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“…I wish I could say that the little girl you just read about grew up, went to college, got married, had kids and lived happily ever after- the end. But then if I could say that, I would not be writing this and you would not be reading it. And let’s face it- it is time for me to purge myself of this story and whether you admit it or not, you want to know ALL the gory details. (I know you do.)
So, the little girl did grow up. She got pregnant and she thought herself in love. She participated in an abortion- I say participated in because she didn’t have a choice. She had no money to care for herself, let alone a baby and she had been told that there would be no support from her family if she did not have the abortion. So when the nurse at the clinic told her she didn’t have to do it, but could not provide the answer to the question, “where will I go? Who will help me? How will I take care of a baby?”, she just closed her eyes and laid on the table and let the weight of another death fall on her shoulders and then went home, empty. That very night, the love of her life proposed…
She did go to college (sort of). I like to think of myself as a career student. I love learning and I wish I could go to school forever, just to keep learning. I love school. My first attempt at college ended in what most people (who only know a teeny tiny part of the experience) will call ‘disaster’. I don’t think it was disastrous. Though I do wish I didn’t have to go through the experience of getting shot… More on that in a bit.
At the time, I did not value the college experience. I did not realize the money that was put in to my education. I did not understand the importance of having an education. This is a big ball of should of, would have, could have for me. My first semester went pretty good. I had finally left the awfulness of my childhood behind- I was making friends; I was away from my family; the family meetings were a distant memory- I was FREE. Yeah… Free isn’t always good. At some point very near to the start of my second semester, I started waitressing (note to future self: waitressing IS NOT your forte), I started hanging out more than I was going to class.
I was changing, AGAIN. It seemed as if I was a puppet on a string and not a real person. I wanted my friends to like me and I knew from experience, they weren’t going to like me, if I wasn’t like them. I was trying to be what they wanted 100% of the time and in that process, I forgot who I was…”

-An Excerpt from Dancing Through the Storm, unpublished-

The Introduction of Kim- the Business Woman Extraordinaire
My name is Kimberly J Jones and I am a mother of three great children. I am also the owner of Ms. Kim’s Creative Hands, which has been in operation since 2010 and is a unique experience in which children in a daycare environment, youth group and organizations, or adults wanting a fun night in can learn American Sign Language. I am an active participant in my community, serving as Secretary of the Richmond Coalition for Quality Education- an organization formed in opposition of School Board decisions which negatively impacted the children of Richmond City and strives to promote the success of every Richmond Public School Student through community, school and administrative partnerships and also serving on the Board of Directors for FISHNET INTERNATIONAL- an organization dedicated to the successful woman through entrepreneurship, community involvement, networking and social and holistic wellness. Having attended both Virginia Union University and J Sargeant Reynolds Community College, I am a firm believer that one’s education never ceases and I strive to continue my education through each and every business venture, community project and leadership role I embark on. I am eager to continue on this established path of business woman extraordinaire and becoming the ‘go to’ girl in business and nonprofit sectors.

-Biographical Information from FishNet Int.-




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