· To obtain a position as an Expert Customer Service Consultant, where my extensive skills and experience will be further developed, challenged and utilized.
Skills & Abilities
· Four years of Directorship or Assistant Directorship in Childcare facilities.
· Three years of Retail management.
· One year of Call Center management.
· Six months of Property Management.
· Six months of Personal Assistant Experience.
· Knowledge and working understanding of Microsoft Office.
· Established ability to set Learning Center in accordance with current Licensing Practices and a retail store according to company standards
· Able to supervise up to 30 employees.
· Proven and established record for identifying talent through resume reviews and interviews.
· Proven ability to up sale to customer and meet established sales goals ($75 per transaction in Retail Environment and 3-5 survey takers per hour in Call Center Setting).
· Ability to convert 50% of merchandise returns into positive sales.
· Proven track record of obtaining credit card applications; averaging 4 applications per day.
· Established in growing the business through loyalty programs, excellent customer care in Retail Stores.
· Documented increase of children enrolled in Childcare Center.
· Able to recognize both the needs of the business and customer and work in a manner that satisfies both with a positive outcome.
· Demonstrated ability to provide age appropriate curriculums and lesson plan for children of all ages.
· Ability to implement various field trip activities coinciding with specific learning modules.
· Consistent and proven ability to reach and teach children of varying backgrounds and ability.
· Established in growing the business in Childcare Industry; significant increase in number of children enrolled.
· Able to strategize to increase Childcare enrollment and attendance.
· Proven ability to increase parent/guardian involvement.
· Demonstrated ability to respond coherently, respectfully and positively to news media.
· Able to communicate with members of the community in a clear and concise method.
· Established oral and written skills, evidenced in speeches given to Richmond City School Board and the drafting of Business Plan for local Day Care.
· Ability to remain friendly and conversational, while getting the job done.
· Proven and established ability to communicate via email and other social media.
· Alpha Numeric and 10 key Experience; with demonstrated ability to type 41 wpm.
· 15 years of overall Customer Service Experience
· Ranked #7 of Style Magazine’s Most Powerful People in the category of Education (2014).
· Currently serving as Secretary to the Richmond Coalition for Quality Education- responsible for all communication to members and Community Leaders (School Board Members, City Council and Mayoral offices), the taking and distributing of meeting minutes and assisting of organizing community events, such as Town Hall Meetings and Back to School Rallies.
· Currently serving as ASL Interpreter for Strong Tower Pentecostal Ministries.
· Former P.T.A. Vice President Clark Springs Elementary School (2011-21013); Woodville Elementary School (2009)- responsible for assisting schools in building parental involvement, organizing fund raisers to include distribution of product and collection of monies owed, speaking during school performances and during school pep rallies.
· Former EMS Volunteer with Stafford Volunteer Rescue Squad (2002-2005)
· Provide Style Savvy Service to each client
· Able to be ‘HER’ fashion consultant in every aspect of ‘HER’ wardrobe needs
· Assess ‘HER’ fashion needs and provide multiple product solutions
· Maintain knowledge of all Lane Bryant products
· Open and Close the store, to include making bank deposits and maintaining cash registers
· Ensure KPIs are met through various methods, including team building activities
· Open new credit accounts at a rate of 5 or more per week
· Provide excellent customer service to MOM and her children
· Adhere to business standards through language, appearance and daily merchandising
· Build clientele through customer interaction and encourage customers’ continued loyalty and support to the brand
· Open and Close the store, to include making bank deposits and maintaining cash registers
· Set weekly sales and complete weekly merchandise mark downs
· Ensure KPIs are met
· Responsible for Floor Set of Big girl Department
· Responsible for ensuring Damages and lost and found are completed bi-monthly
· Search out associate talent and conduct interviews
· Participate in weekly conference calls with District Manager and Monthly Conference Call with Regional Managers
· Assist in the opening of area stores
·Open new credit accounts at a rate of 5 or more per month

Personal Assistant | Plumbline Construction | July 2013- January 2014
· Take bi-monthly pictures of vacant bank owned properties
· Report problems or concerns to owner, obtain work order bids and supervise repairs/regular maintenance
· Create flyers for houses for sale
· List available houses on various social media sites
· Meet with potential tenants, to include collecting applications and fees and showing available units for rent
· Collect late rents through phone calls or face to face interactions
· Inform current tenants of fore closure and explain options to achieve a peaceful move out and bank possession.
· Clean houses after construction to ensure show ready
· Responsible for staging property as necessary
· Adhering to strict time and budget guidelines
· Run errands for owner as needed or requested
· Maintain company website
· Answer phones and emails and responding as required
· Supervise renovation of day care building and make decisions that would positively affect both budget and business, to include the writing and negotiating of contracts.
· Build a perspective clientele.
· Plan prospective Curriculum, Write Parent and Employee Handbooks.
· Interview and hire perspective employees.
· Rebuild relations within the community after tragedy.

· Implement any and all training necessary for National Accreditation
· Create Weekly lunch and snack menus
· Plan all field trips and Summer activities
· Provide age appropriate lessons and curriculums for children

Currently Enrolled Southern New Hampshire University
Pursuing BA in Communication with a focus in Professional Writing
Currently Attending Trainings
Pursuing a Certificate in Genealogy
• Major: Early Childhood Education (Degree Not Earned)
• Minor: Language Interpretation American Sign Language (Degree Not Earned
Additional Interests
Avid Researcher- able to research any subject and a detailed write up of findings.
Avid Creative Writer- in the process of writing a Family History Book and a Book of Musings detailing my journey as a Genealogist.
Sample Writing Available at