Hello From the Other Side…

HAPPY MONDAY!!! I hope it isn’t a Manic Monday… How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low key. I spent the weekend trying to get someone, anyone from the other side to say hello. But no one was speaking. I think every single dead person that has happily kept me awake for the past umpteen months went on vacation. Without me. It kind of hurt my feelings, a little… I mean, I spend hours upon hours trying to decipher these little paper trails (most of which are few and far in between) in order to tell and share their stories. These people are my friends! I spend all day, every day with them and they just leave me! Ugh. I think I need some new friends…

Wait. That’s not really true. They didn’t actually leave me behind. Instead they took me on a wild scavenger hunt akin to ‘Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego’. Except only in this little hunt of theirs, I had to spend money. First I traveled to the land of eBay… Don’t laugh, but I had never been there before- like ever. Anyway, I searched the homeland of my people and came up with GOLD. Pure d gold, I swear. I found maps from 1862, 1865 and 1845. I don’t even know where I am going to put these maps as they are gynormous wall hangings, but it had the imprints of my ancestors all over them, almost as if they (my dead relatives and friends) had a Pow-wow and danced all over those maps and I just could not resist being able to see what was way back then… I also found myself buying postcards- again depicting a time gone by. On one such card, a black man from 1930 stood at the ‘old’ slave trading block. There were cars and businesses all up and down the street and right there on the corner was this massive stepping stone, on which slaves were made to stand as they were being auctioned off. The thing is, that stone still stands today, complete with a ‘commemorative’ marker and everything. Before I moved, i drove by it all the time and never once thought about it, really. But seeing this picture in 1930 did something to me. I mean 1930 isn’t that far removed from slavery… is it? I wonder if the older generation of black people were bothered by that block? After all, it is feasible to believe or think that the older black people’s parents or grandparents had been made to stand on that very block or maybe forced to watch as friends and loved ones were pushed up onto that block. And they couldn’t say or do anything to stop it. I wonder how that block remaining there might have affected them. I wonder who decided that the block would remain there through the ages? Now, in 2016, I am grateful that it remains because I can go and touch it and maybe the ancestors will touch me back, but would I have felt the same way back then in 1930? Eh. I honestly don’t know. But that whole thought process left me wondering what other relics are left out there in the world that might have made people uncomfortable ‘back in the day’ but are considered treasures today? Anyone of you ever come across something like that? I would be interested in knowing what your experience was and what that relic was.

But, back to what I bought… In addition to what I have already listed, I bought a civil war toy soldier and horse dug from a local Civil War ground, because, maybe (okay, BIG MAYBE) my ancestors played with somethings like those that I bought and I wanted to hold it in my hands and imagine what play might have looked like back then from the eyes of the children… (That was probably the educator in me coming out to get a piece of the spending action.) And I bought some county parish books and a genealogy CD which contains over 200 genealogies of people and families from my old stomping grounds.

So, now its Monday… I am not suffering from buyer’s remorse (though I probably should be and more than likely will, if I get these things and there is nothing even remotely useful to be found in them for me and my search. Instead, I am still bright eyed and hopeful and just going to say that I need to find some paid work (research, genealogical help, writing- anything pretty much will suffice) to replace the missing lump from the nest egg.

Have a fabulous Monday and I can’t wait until we chat again tomorrow!





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